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Blockchain Development for real estate: Scrapping Car Yard

Blockchain-Based Real Estate Project

"Commercial real estate (junkyard) ByByeCar NFT project"

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Scrap Car Service Bybyecar
Scrap your car easily and quickly.

"Mobile-based Scrap Car Comparison Quote Service using Non-face-to-face Auction Method"

With Bye Bye Car service, when you enter your vehicle information, you will receive a 'Scrap Car Quote' from scrap yards. Car owner​s can compare the prices and choose the highest offer to proceed with the car scrapping process."

Bybyecar SUPER APP Vision

Image by Vitali Adutskevich


Scrap Service

Lead in bringing transparency to the opaque scrap car brokerage market by operating a mobile-based scrap car mediation service.


Used-Car Sales Service

Offers a used car sales and mediation service based on the model of "Sell Your Car Properly." It is a mobile-based service that allows car owners to sell their used cars. The sellers list their vehicles, and the registered intermediary dealers on the platform conduct auctions to secure the highest possible price.


Used Auto Parts Sales Service

The marketplace encompasses all products related to used cars, including domestic and imported vehicles, and even includes tires. Its purpose is to facilitate the easy search and purchase of all used car-related items, promoting the activation of recycled parts.


Used Car Export Service

Provide a service that connects overseas used car buyers, particularly from Southeast Asia, to scrap yards and used car intermediary dealers registered on the platform. This service aims to serve as a bridge for facilitating the export of used cars by connecting international buyers.


EV Battery Collection Service

This platform will serve as a collection center for the increasing number of scrap batteries expected to emerge in the next three years. The collected batteries will then be distributed to recycling companies for reuse.


Bybyecar Project

Unlocking Commercial Real Estate: Earn Fixed Income with Blockchain

Bybyecar tokenizes commercial real estate (scrap car center) in a legitimate and decentralized manner to provide investors with a fixed income.

Bybyecar is a mobile-based scrap car comparison and estimate service.


When vehicle information is entered into the Bybyecar service, a "scrap car estimate" is provided by the scrap yard. The car owner can compare the amounts and choose the highest price to proceed with the scrapping.

The Bybyecar project is a "real estate NFT platform" that builds scrap car centers, issues ownership/control as NFTs, and shares profits with investors.

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Bybyecar Project

ByByeCar Junkyard Network

The ByByeCar project is a business that creates junkyards through partnerships, either by acquiring existing junkyards or establishing new ones, among approximately 590 junkyards nationwide. At the third year after the start of the business, we plan to establish about 10 ByByeCar-owned junkyards.

On-Going Project

These projects are just example for your reference.

BBC Yard #1



Buy-Out Price

KRW undisclosed

Truck Car Park

BBC Yard #2



Buy-Out Price

KRW undisclosed


BBC Yard #3


~ TBD 2024

Buy-Out Price

KRW undisclosed

Find Out
Image by Erik  Lucatero

Bybyecar In Numbers









*These numbers are not accurate and can be changed without notice.

BBC Token

The ByByeCar token is a utility token designed based on TRC20. It can be used to receive quotes within the ByByeCar platform, purchase used car parts, and can also be used for fractional investments in junkyards (real estate) owned by ByByeCar nationwide

Token name: Bybyecar

TokeSymbol: BBC

Token Type: TRC20

Max. Supply: 5 Billion

Lock-Up: N/A

Price: $0.1

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  • Establishment of ByByeCar Co., Ltd.

  • Development completion of the "mobile junk car appraisal platform" by ByByeCar.

  • Signing of a strategic business agreement between ByByeCar Co., Ltd. and a government-approved junkyard.

  • Discussion of the launching and operation plan for ByByeCar.



  • Design of the ByByeCar token project (BBC token).

  • Preparation for beta service launch.

  • Scheduled release of ByByeCar token (BBC) based on TRC20.

  • Launching of ByByeCar service (beta version).

  • Platform enhancement and service area expansion.

  • Establishment and acquisition of new junkyards for ByByeCar's own use.


2023 ~

  • Plan for listing on major overseas exchanges.

  • Expansion of ByByeCar services to overseas markets.

  • Evolution into a super app (comprehensive platform related to automobiles).

Bybyecar Project

BlockChain NFT

"Blockchain-based smart contracts enable transparent agreements between ByByeCar real estate (junkyard) NFT buyers and sellers through autonomy and encryption."

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